Nicoletta Ceccoli

nicoletta_torNicoletta Ceccoli was born in San Marino, Italy, and graduated from the Institute of Art in Urbino. She has made a name for herself illustrating children's books, including winning the prestigious Italian Anderson Prize for best illustrator of the year in 2001 and being a four time recipient of the 'award of excellence' from Communication Arts. In 2006 she received the silver medal from the Society of Illustrators in New York.


More recently, she has been showing her art in galleries all over the world, and had solo exhibitions in the US, Italy and France, garnering great demand for her allegorical, luminous, dream-like paintings. Beautiful and intriguing, her work consistently strikes a delicate balance between disturbing and enchanting. At first glance, images and figures masquerade as youthful and innocent, but a darker narrative inevitably unfolds.

Each painting is rife with symbolism that sparks the viewer's imagination and inspires a deeper level of consideration. Reminiscent of Mark Ryden, her paintings in acrylic on paper aren't as sweet as they appear, focusing rather on the dark sides of cuteness and sugariness.


Amsterdam Enjoy has the privilege to introduce you to this talented artist and her richly detailed, dreamlike work. To learn more about the woman behind the dark fairytales, we found Kamiel Proost once again ready and willing to ask a few questions in interview.


You mostly paint Girls, the only Man I see in Your Book 'Beautiful Nightmares' is about to be eaten by a Dragon. Are You a Man Hater, or a Man Eater...!?

I love to play with contradictions. In spite of their delicate look my Princesses are not so fragile and don't need to be saved by a Prince . Instead, they hide a dark dangerous side, their vulnerability is only apparent, they show a will for independecne , self confidence , strenght.

Are you One of Those Who Refuses to Grow Up..? Is your Art helping you to protect your 'Childishness'..?

There is always a kind of nostalgia for Childhood in my works. Drawing made me live in a timeless otherworld dimension where I still keep in touch with my Imagination and my Dreams, like a Child.

Your Technique seems Very Special. It looks like Aquarel or Pencil, can you tell us a bit about it. Like do you use an airbrush or oil colors too...?

Thank you for the kind words. I use acrylics very liquid as watercolours with airbush and brushes, more graphite and coloured pencils.


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